The Tales of Kanglei Throne – Linthoi Chanu


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With Prince Poireitol, the immortal humans emerged from their subterranean Kingdom.Lord Pakhangba was meant to rule as the first king but the young lord discovered that he was much more than just an ordinary human.The two royal brothers, Prince Yoimongba and Prince Touthingmang embarked on an adventurous journey that twisted their fate into one most unpredictable.*Long after the days of magic and charms were gone, Prince Hongnemyoi had to struggle as a royalty under his strict father to find his own self-worth. As a prince who loves peace and gentleness, his father’s love for terror began to suffocate his life’s choices.From the pristine love-story of an underworld Prince to the rise of the first King and the adventures of his descendants, the tales of Kanglei throne takes us on a breathtaking journey back to a kingdom that existed thousands of years ago. Based on oral folktales and ancient manuscripts, these collections of tales are retold in a much dramatic, vivid, and thrilling tales fit for young readers who are ready for a mythical journey.