Pagdandi Naturals Organically Grown Masala Chai 200gms


Pagdandi Naturals brings you a custom blend of organically grown Assam CTC and natural whole spices to give you not just a great tasting cup of Masala Chai but also a boost to your health! Made using a traditional family recipe, the spices come with following benefits:

Ginger  – anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, calms nausea
Cardamom – lowers blood pressure, active breath freshener
Pepper – increases bioavailability of nutrients, aids digestion, strengthens immunity
Cinnamon – lowers blood sugar, improves skin, anti-inflammatory
Cloves – fights free radicals, improves liver function
Star anise – rich in iron, protects against ulcers
Source: webmd

When brewed you will encounter a satisfying medley of aroma and flavour: strong notes of ginger and pepper, invigorating wafts of cardamom and cinnamon, piquant star anise and astringent cloves to balance it all out in the backdrop of signature malty Assam black tea.

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Grown organically, active management of soil, water and plants contribute to a sustainable healthy tea with unique taste characteristics. Our partner estate follows fair trade practices to ensure an ethical responsibility not just to the environment but also to farmers who harvest the tea. Every cup you drink comes with the satisfaction that you are being true to your body, environment and community.

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