Black Baza Coffee – Ficus


This coffee is a blend of washed Arabica and natural, sun-dried Robusta but and wait for it…the beans come from predominantly under the shade of Ficus trees! You will love the unmistakable dark chocolate and nutty flavour notes!

Blend : Arabica + Robusta
Form : Ground Powder
Roast : Medium Dark Roast
Grind Size : Medium Grind

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The Ficus is a certified Fair Trade blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee from farms that follow biodiversity-friendly farming practices. The Arabica is a washed and hand-pulped bean from the Biligirirangan Hills. The Robusta is a natural, sun-dried Robusta from Sungandhagiri, Wayanad. A blend of these two beans is especially special because the beans have been harvested from coffee plants growing under the shade of predominantly Ficus trees! If you don’t believe that nature / trees play a role in the flavour of coffee, shush up and try this brew!

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