Lonely Castle in the Mirror – Mizuki Tsujimura


Winner of the Japan’s Booksellers’ Award

‘Strange and beautiful. Imagine the offspring of The Wind-up Chronicle and  The Virgin Suicides.’ – Guardian

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Would you share your deepest secrets
                  to save a friend?

In a tranquil neighbourhood of Tokyo, seven teenagers wake to find their bedroom mirrors are shining.

At a single touch, they are pulled from the lonely lives to a wondrous castle filled with winding stairways, watchful portraits and twinkling chandeliers. In this new sanctuary, they are confronted with a set of clues leading to a hidden room where one of them will be granted a wish. But there’s a catch: if they don’t leave by five o’clock they will all be punished.

As time passes, they begin to realise only those brave enough to share their stories will be saved.

About the Author

Mizuki Tsujimura is a well-known author of bestselling mystery novels in Japan. Her No. 1 bestseller Lonely Castle in the Mirror combines elements of Japanese fantasy with topical themes of emotional well-being and friendship. This novel is published around the world.


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