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Yoga is for everyone and Iyengar Yoga accommodates every student with its variations of the same asanas, use of props and different sets of instructions to reach the same pose. The sequencing of asanas and focus on alignment is our way to help each student reach his/her potential. But, where the teacher’s role finishes, the student’s role begins. A student has to understand his body, self-analyse his state of body and mind and accordingly work towards his practice in each class.

This gives rise to many questions, queries and doubts. Some of them might be simple and others complex and may require analysis and time and cannot be answered in the classroom.  This book is our earnest effort to answer these questions.

LifeTalks with Rajeshree – Vol 1 is divided into 5 sections :

  • Women’s Health
  • Fatloss and Yoga
  • Shavasana and Pranayama
  • Light on Yoga for Youth
  • Intermediate Level

Each section gives the reader an idea about the essence of the class, the asanas beneficial to that group, Ayurvedic guidelines on diet and lifestyle, discussion on common ailments and their solutions, and substantial information on cultivating a stable mind.

A compilation of 20 Live Discourses on correct and incorrect practices in Yoga

Celebrating the 9th International Day of Yoga (Year 2023)

The goal of this book is to bring out the Hidden gems of Yoga. This book is born from a deep-rooted aspiration to bridge the gap between the profound truths of yoga and the common man’s perception of this ancient practice.

This book will take you through 20 discourses on the subject Yog, about ill effects of wrong Yoga and the immense benefits of right Yoga, types of Yoga, your need for a Yoga teacher and deeper questions about the Science and Philosophy of Yoga.


Our Aim at Shriyog is to create independent students and life-term practitioners who have complete control of their physical health, diet, breath and mind. This is a small step towards it.


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