Pune Heritage Map


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The Intach Heritage Map package is brief documentation of Pune’s historical and cultural landscape. The map highlights heritage structures standing today. as well as chronicles the stories behind the cultural sights of Pune. It features various heritage aspects of Pune. such as the city’s local history: the factors that created Pune’s districtive styles of music, cinema and theatre : the historical buildings and cultural walks through Pune: and the events and festival celebrated with traditional Pune gaiety and gusto. The map is both functional and commemorative, for the tourist it serves as a map, but with the twin dimensions of geography and history, For the collector and Pune lover it is a concise documentation of the city, past and present: it captures a heritage that is fast disappearing. contents 1. The Map Document comprising: Hertiage Geographical Map Heritage Information Panels 2.Walks through Pune City comprising walk through Shaniwar & Kasba Peth walk through Shukrawar Peth 3.Drives through Pune Cantonment comparising: Drive through Upper Cantonment Drive through Lower Cantonment


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