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Cozy Corner of Pagdandi


Most people, when they enter first look left to see if it is empty. The really tired have dozed off book in hand & we have had to disturb their dreams. Also been witness to a lot of intimacy between couples we protect from the judging eyes of zaalim world.

One person came 3 hours in advance to occupy the corner because friends were coming. Multiple groups stare for hours from across the room, almost Vader like, willing the occupant to vacate and then pounce as soon as they leave. Then we have to pull up the cctv feed and resolve who was waiting first!

There was even a moneyed card group that started off once and we had to shut them off before we get stuck in midst of a saloon fight.

Multiple chai spills. Board game evenings. Also moonlights as a trampoline for kids. It looks full with 3 people but can fit 10 easily.
Can be eligible for a ‪#‎couchsurfing‬ listing?

You know what are we talking about..