Colour Me Yellow

Hello World,

We are back with another post. As the shop is nearing completion, the nervous jitters are starting to creep in. Lot of things yet to be finalized, including the logo, furnishings, cutlery and menu. Machine order has been put in and we are awaiting their arrival. Who knew there are so many things to go into setting up a shop.

The previous Yellow was still not enough, so it led to more trial and error!

DSC00526  DSC00537 DSC00544  DSC00564DSC00572  DSC00723 DSC00616


The internet decision is a real bummer. No Airtel or Bsnl service in the complex. That leaves me only two choices. Either Tata or a local Internet Vendor. Yet to make up my mind but I am leaning towards Tata.



Neha has been trying her hand at photography. Here are some of her fabulous attempts capturing the ethos of our shop.

DSC00609  DSC00649 DSC00650  DSC00653 DSC00673  DSC00677 DSC00700  DSC00713


Our False ceiling made up of bamboo and chatai arrived as well. Inspection and Discussions followed. The look is not upto our satisfaction so we are debating the cost of cleaning up the bamboo more.

DSC00710  DSC00720 DSC00724    DSC00726


One thing we agreed with was that our Carpentry crew is the most diligent and dedicated one. They work hard and they work long. Here is Goyalji hard at work.

DSC00743  DSC00727


The decorative Ladder was about to be painted and we took a last minute decision of going Green to contrast the yellow. We got it right in the first attempt! 🙂

DSC00729  DSC00733 DSC00740