“Nisargaraya” – Ecofriendly Ganesh idols from eCoexist – 2017

It’s that time of the year again. eCoexist is back with its beautiful range of clay and paper mache idols.

Please find the catalogue in this post. You can download the PDF catalogue from the following Google Drive link:

ecofriendly ganesh clay idol by ecoexist

ecofriendly ganesh clay idol by ecoexist


nisargaraya2017 page1

nisargaraya2017 page2


nisargaraya2017 page3


Do place your orders and reserve your idols to avoid last minute sold outs.


As of now all idols are available, you can reserve your idol by providing 50% of the MRP.


Following are the payment options:


  • Cash or Card Swipe at Pagdandi Books Chai Cafe, Regent Plaza, Baner Pashan Link Road.
  • PayTM to 7755908525
  • UPI to pagdandi@unionbank
  • NEFT/IMPS transfer to A/C Name: Pagdandi, Current Account No. 545901010050677 with Union Bank of India, Pashan IFSC Code: UBIN0554596
  • Online Gateway Payment from the link: . Please be sure to indicate the model in ‘purpose’ field and


In case of using 2, 3, 4 or 5 please send us an email with the payment information and the idol you want to reserve.

Pagdandi Video by Cycling Octopus

Check out this Super Duper awesome Video on Pagdandi – Books Chai Cafe by Cycling Octopus as part of their Pune Stories project. We are simply blown away!! Thank you so much to the amazing team behind LMB Productions. Simply no words to describe our feelings and gratitude.


Watercolour Art Exhibition by Nachiket Prakash

Nachiket is a Bachelor of Fine arts who holds an experience of more than a decade in the world of art. He is an established artist in Pune and has worked as commercial and fine artist with prestigious companies, organisations and institutions. His works are inspired by daily life events and situations. Medium is no bar for Nachiket as he believes in giving the best form to his ideas and concepts using appropriate medium of expression.


Cozy Corner of Pagdandi


Photo Credit:

Most people, when they enter first look left to see if it is empty. The really tired have dozed off book in hand & we have had to disturb their dreams. Also been witness to a lot of intimacy between couples we protect from the judging eyes of zaalim world.

One person came 3 hours in advance to occupy the corner because friends were coming. Multiple groups stare for hours from across the room, almost Vader like, willing the occupant to vacate and then pounce as soon as they leave. Then we have to pull up the cctv feed and resolve who was waiting first!

There was even a moneyed card group that started off once and we had to shut them off before we get stuck in midst of a saloon fight.

Multiple chai spills. Board game evenings. Also moonlights as a trampoline for kids. It looks full with 3 people but can fit 10 easily.
Can be eligible for a ‪#‎couchsurfing‬ listing?

You know what are we talking about..

Zomato Highest Rated Restaurant Award

We were invited for the Zomato Summit 2015 at Westin Hotel in Pune yesterday on 22nd September.

Here is what we ended up coming back with!


Zomato Highest Rated Restaurant 2015


Zomato Summit 2015

Zomato Summit 2015


A big big heartfelt thank you to everyone who rated us, checked in, reviewed and posted pictures on Zomato . Feeling humbled and utmost gratitude to all of you!

Vegan options at Pagdandi in Pune Mirror

We are in Pune Mirror today Page 19. For offering a ‪#‎vegan‬ ‪#‎soymilk‬ option in all our milk based beverages. Featured in the photograph is our Khus Milkshake.

Vegan Options at Pagdandi featured in Pune Mirror, Saturday 11th July 2015, Page 19

Vegan Options at Pagdandi featured in Pune Mirror, Saturday 11th July 2015, Page 19

Ecofriendly Ganesh Idol

Ecofriendly Ganesh Idols and accessories by Ecoexist are now available for booking at Pagdandi. You can book your choice of idol by paying 50% amount advance at Pagdandi or transferring the same via NEFT. Please email Vishal at c o n t a c t u s @ p a g d a n d i . o r g for placing the order and bank details.

Click on the images to enlarge:

Catalogue-for-clay idols -2015 Catalogue for Paper-sirsi-idols -2015

Catalogue for Paper-sirsi-idols -2015 Catalogue for Ganesh-accessories-2015

Walk your Pagdandi – Travel

We have always counted travel as one of our first loves. Picking up our backpack and travelling is something we always look forward to. Those who know our story know it is the reason how we met and came to be together. Pagdandi took birth as result of this shared love for books, travel, conversations and the camaraderie we experienced with everyone we met while on the road.

Books and Travel. Like Sugar and Water. For us, no trip is complete without a few books to read. It could be just a simple guide or an evocative story set in our destination. Books offer a peek into the soul of a place and tell you stories that no amount of sightseeing will ever tell.

Until know we only associated Pagdandi with travel in a metaphorical sense. However, from the day we started we had a deep desire for Pagdandi to exist in the travel world literally as well. We collaborate and share in everything we do, naturally we wanted to find the right partners to collaborate in this as well.

So here we are. Our first partnership with Black Swan Journeys, experts in tailoring experiential trips, working together to offer you an enhanced travel experience. You can have your trip completely customized for your needs or choose one of Black Swan’s existing fixed departure tours. Both will make you eligible for FREE books custom selected and obtained by Pagdandi for your journey.

For Pagdandi: Vishal +91-9890992470
For Black Swan: Namrata +91-8975632092

Wishing you a beautiful journey on your ‘Pagdandi’,
With Love,
Neha and Vishal
Vishal’s 2 year solo backpacking trip across India:
Neha’s lessons of Yoga picked up from Ashrams and Schools across the country:


One of the fixed departure trips by Black Swan is their ‘Single Malt Safari’, an expert-led Whisky tour through some Scotland’s finest Distilleries. Books this tour using the code ‘Pagdandi’ and you will get the following 2 books as free gifts:

1) The Whiskies of Scotland: Encounters of a Connoisseur by Michael Jackson
2) Choose between Lonely Planet guide to Scotland or The Penguin Book of Scottish Short Stories.

Call Namrata +91-8975632092

Scotland Single Malt tour by Black Swan Journeys

Scotland Single Malt tour by Black Swan Journeys

Yourstory Feature

Our founders Neha and Vishal have been featured in Yourstory.

Situated inside an idyllic mall on Pune’s Baner Pashan Link Road is Pagdandi. It is an inviting place with a modest yet charming décor heavily featuring bamboo. The first things you notice on enteringareprobably the book-filled racks that extend till the ceiling, and the aroma of fresh chai being brewed.

What started as a book library-cum-café has now grown into a space that hosts a range of interesting events and activities that foster a sense of community and camaraderie among patrons. Only two years old, Pagdandi has received much praise and many media mentions, the latest it being listed in ‘Lonely Planet’ as a thing to do in Pune. Let’s hear more about Pagdandi from founders, husband-wife duo Neha and Vishal Pipraiya…

Follow the link to read the full article:

Pagdandi Featured in India Today

We are featured in the Pune edition of ‘India today’ this month of April 2015. Thank you so much for helping us reach here :).  We are humbled and motivated to work harder for making Pagdandi a place meant for people who have decided to take ‘the road less travelled’ 🙂

india today_pune special april 2015 cover

We were featured inside the April 2015 Pune Special issue of India Today Magazine

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