Pagdandi is now open for Dine-In, Browsing, Take Away and Delivery!

Pagdandi Bookstore Cafe is now open for Dine-In, Browsing, Take Away and Delivery from 10.30am to 7.30pm.

Come have a chai at pagdandi! We make it the way you like it. The weather definitely calls for it. As rain pours out of the sky, taking a noisy sip while holding a warm cup with both your hands, it’s like having a relationship with yourself. While Chai remains rooted in street culture throughout the subcontinent, we celebrate this culture by serving the best cup possible. Nukkadbaji of the street meets high quality bespoke brewing.

Freshly brewed to perfection using Single Estate Organic Assam CTC from, Milk from grass fed, hormone free happy cows by and sweetened as per your preference with Organic Jaggery from

Come have a chai at Pagdandi. Meet yourself.

★ Available in #Adrak and #Elaichi variants.
★ Also available for take away and delivery in 100% biodegradable cups!

Order online at

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