Zero Point Bombay : In & Around Horniman Circle – Ed. Kamala Ganesh, Usha Thakkar & Gita Chadha (40% Discount)


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Zero Point, from which all distances are measured in Bombay, is an apt metaphor for Horniman Circle. Located in the heart of the Fort , it holds within itself the early history of the Portuguese and British presence going back to the mid-sixteenth century. It is the very birthplace of Bombay. It is, at the same time, a hub of contemporary Mumbai, anchored in its economy and ethos. The co-presence of varied institutions financial, commercial, governmental, intellectual gives it a special character. The dual orientation to the past and present, the multiple weave of institutions and diversity of people who work in them, and their mutual interconnections, continuities and disjunctures form the theme of this book which seeks to document the intangible heritage of Horniman Circle. The 21 essays and photographs by a range of academic and creative professionals, in a style that is lively and engaging, combine historical and ethnographic research. They describe, analyse and reflect on not only the architectural and historical artefacts, but also the distinct work ethos and leisure activities, democratic and civic impulses, public spaces, commercial dynamism, traditions of scholarship and journalism, reading and food culture. Responding to Mumbai s increasingly proactive civil society groups, the book addresses a broad spectrum of readers professionals and informed laypersons with a serious, critical yet empathetic approach to issues of urban heritage.


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