You Must Know Your Constitution – Fali S. Nariman (Hardcover)


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26 November 1949 marked the date when the longest constitution in the world was formally adopted to guide the largest democracy in the world. It effectively transformed the British Dominion of India into one nation—the independent Republic of India. The supreme law of the land, set forth the workings of Indian democracy and polity, and its provisions aimed to secure justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity for the people of India. Succinctly put, the constitution forms the bedrock of the Indian nation. Therefore, to be familiar with its provisions is imperative for all citizens.

In this definitive tome, the author (who joined the bar in the year the constitution was enacted) presents his comments in a comprehensive, lucid, and systematic style. The book traces the history and the origins of India’s document of governance and explains its provisions. Some of the salient features of the book include:

  • An educative and informative exposition of the twenty–two parts of the Indian Constitution, including a bird’s eye view of all the articles of the Constitution (Articles 1 to 395).
  • Provides references of critical cases and prominent constitutional developments.
  • Insightfully describes the structure, powers, and directive principles of government institutions.
  • Contains updated judicial pronouncements and legislative and constitutional amendments.

In essence, You Must Know Your Constitution is an immensely readable and insightful compendium, among other things for the judiciary–aspirants, academicians, legal and administrative authorities, policymakers, research scholars, and students as well as for general readers who are interested in exploring the manifold facets of India’s core document of governance.


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