Where God Began – Appadurai Muttulingam (Hardcover)


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A BLISTERING ACCOUNT OF A YOUNG MAN IN EXILE AGAINST THE BACKDROP OF THE SRI LANKAN CIVIL WAR Suspecting that he’s getting involved with the liberation movement of the Tamil Tigers at the peak of Sri Lanka’s civil war, Nishant’s parents sell their land to pay for his illegal immigration across the world to the promised safe haven of Canada. Thus begins the ordeal of a young man, who is traded from one agent to another, smuggled across or sent back from many a border, encountering on the way numerous dispossessed refugees like himself from various parts of South Asia and Africa.
While much has been written about the harrowing struggles of refugees in their country of birth or in the country of asylum, Where God Began employs wry humour tempered with compassion to explore the complex realities and implications of the journey itself. A blistering account of what it’s like to lose one’s home and history by one of Sri Lanka’s foremost writers.


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