Wayel Kati: The Quest Of The Seven Guardians – Linthoi Chanu


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India is a land of a myriad stories, where tales of magic, myths and prophecies abound. From the heart and hills of Manipur, comes this folklore-based fantasy of seven guardians chosen to retrieve the Wayel Kati— the scissor of justice.
Led by Laiba, a nine-year-old boy, the guardians attempt their magical quest. Meanwhile, dark creatures—from tales and ancient memories—have begun to invade the human realm. With their once peaceful world now under threat, the guardians struggle to find their true selves and achieve their one divine task. Will they succeed or will the journey lead them on another gruelling pursuit?
Wayel Kati: The Quest of the Seven Guardians delves into the themes of nature worship and environment preservation, as well as human inclination towards magic, myth and fantasy as a means to cope with reality.


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