The Song Of The Sky Tree – Nandita Basu


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“Our worlds separated in that one moment. Nothing was enough, not even the heart.”

Those moments that define our lives, those times when we lose someone we love, or those when we realise who we really are as people.

Set in the times when there were no cell phones and cassette players belted out your favourite songs, Vedika grows up with a brother who she battles with fiercely and often, a best friend in school who leaves with his family for another country so she has to learn to be alone once again, a sense of aloneness that comes from a sense of alienation and difference that she can never get rid of.

A warm, funny, heartbreaking story of growing up in the 1980s and 90s, moving cities and becoming a vet which means so much to her because she understands animals more than she does human beings.

Vedika meanders through life, trying to make sense of work, friendships, love and sexuality. But when things take a turn for the worse and she realizes she might lose more than she ever bargained for, she tries to grapple with all that’s gone wrong till she can learn to make her peace with the life she has.


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