Now That I’m Fifty: Short Stories – Bulbul Sharma


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Fifty! Half a century in your life has vanished, leaving only patches of memory, some brightly coloured and joyous, others just blurred images. Now That I’m Fifty is a collection of stories about women at the 50 milestone. Some are looking back, wondering what to do about their spreading behinds, others are getting ready to fly out into the dangerous world, leaving their safe and secure homes.

These stories are about journeys that begin at fifty, either within oneself or without, in the big bad world. One woman deals with a broken marriage by learning how to salsa, another begins seeing things, while a third finds a new friendship with a stranger in a garden and cannot stop herself from thinking the unthinkable. A holiday in Thailand goes shockingly wrong, a sudden death gives a new lease of life. ordinary, everyday things are different when you’re fifty and time is running out. Here are stories about women at fifty, not young but not old, either!