The Less You Preach The More You Learn: Aphorisms for Our Age – Shashi Tharoor & Joseph Zacharias


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All of us need help and good advice on how to make our lives better. In the latest book by No.1 bestselling author Shashi Tharoor along with co-author Joseph Zacharias you will learn how to achieve success at work, dispel feelings of frustration and insecurity, make your relationship with friends and family better, overcome self -doubt and depression and much more.

The authors present their formula for success in the form of aphorisms – concise, wise and witty sayings full of deep wisdom and insights. These aphorisms will help people unlock their potential, find success in life, love and work, and live their lives to the fullest. The aphorism is one of the oldest forms of literary expressions and has been around for thousands of years. Wise and insightful, the aphorisms in The Less You Preach, the More You for Our Age will help you make your life better.


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