The Lazarus Heist – Goeff White


From Hollywood to high finance: inside North Korea’s Global Cyber War

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In 2014, Sony Pictures Entertainment was brutally hacked, with thousands of computers wiped and the personal data of hundreds of employees released online. This was the world’s first glance at the Lazarus Group, a shadowy consortium of hackers working on behalf of the North Korean state. Since then, the group has grown into one of the most effective criminal enterprises on the planet – it is estimated they have stolen over $150 million dollars and almost $2bn million in cryptocurrency from financial institutions worldwide, from the United States, to Ecuador to the Philippines, and infamously bringing the British health service to a halt in 2018.

In The Lazarus Heist, investigative journalist Geoff White examines how the North Korean regime has harnessed cutting-edge technology to launch a decade-long campaign of brazen and merciless raids on its richer, more powerful adversaries. From the bustling streets of Dhaka, to the glamourous studios of Hollywood, to the secretive dynastic court of Pyongyang, this is the shocking story of the world’s most elite hackers, their victims and the people who have tried – and ultimately, failed – to stop them.


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