The Land of Many Colours – Ruskin Bond


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‘The bazaar is Indian, charming and quite prosperous: tailors sit cross-legged before their sewing machines, turning out blazers and tight trousers for the well-to-do students who attend the many public schools that still thrive here; halwais—potbellied sweet vendors—spend all day sitting on their haunches in front of giant frying pans; and coolies carry huge loads of timber or cement or grain up the steep hill paths.’

Diversity and variety in every aspect—food, culture, traditions, landscape—is a defining quality of India. Whether we talk about the festivals throughout the year, the delicious food found across the country or the intricate rituals performed in temples, India truly is a land of many textures, flavours and colours.

The tales in The Land of Many Colours revolve around this vibrant diversity. This collection offers you the varied tastes and textures of India along with the imaginative brilliance of Ruskin Bond. Take a dive into the world of Bond’s evocative prose and heart-warming storytelling.


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