The Invisible Man – H.G Wells


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“Perhaps to lose a sense of where you are implies the danger of losing a sense of who you are.”

Griffin, an ingenious research scientist, develops a process that can render physical objects invisible. He successfully performs the experiment on himself, but soon realises that it is impossible to survive oblivious to the world and all those that matter to him.

This invisible man is now desperate to reverse the process. Will Griffin be able to become visible again? Or his obsession for invisibility will result in his doom?

Considered to be a pioneer of science fiction, this novel explores the deep and unresolved ideas of science vs the universal power, the extent of human mind and the dangers of being swept by the mind’s wickedness. The Invisible Man warns about the destructive effects science can have if not practiced with limits on the human desires.

A relevant story, especially in the age of artificial intelligence.


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