The Edge: How Competition For Resources Is Pushing The World, And Its Climate, To The Brink – Jonathan Maxwell


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Why did Russia invade Ukraine? Why have energy costs and inflation been so high? Why is there is there a cost-of-living crisis? Why does the climate crisis keep getting worse? What causes conflict, socio-economic crises, and climate change and what can you do about it, for your family, your business, and your country?
Global events, however long their origins, too often seem out of our control and suddenly to transform the world around us. If we want stability, we need to understand the causes, the scale of the challenges, and how we can deliver big enough solutions in time.
So many crises are caused by the same problem: competition for coveted resources. The amount of these same resources that we waste is shocking and the impact devastating. Which is why every society, organisation, business, household, and individual must put efficiency first – not just to save money and carbon and improve resilience, but to mitigate and avoid both conflict and climate change.
‘The Edge’ is a very contemporary look at how the world has been transformed by recent events, focusing on climate change, the war in Ukraine, the next resource flashpoints, and the challenges the world faces around energy, security, the environment and the economy.
Written from an investor’s perspective from inside the energy industry, it will help businesses and economies apparently at the mercy of the markets to transition towards sustainability, productivity and prosperity, and help everyone understand the world in 2023. In the face of crisis and opportunity, we are at a turning point in history.


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