The East Indian Kitchen: Enduring Flavours Of Maharashtrian-Portuguese Fusion Cuisine – Michael Swamy


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The chef as historian? WHile the notion may seem incongruous ar first, The East India Kitchen shows quickly how the search for a particular recipe in Atlantic flavours can lead to a result from wonderous journeys down the ages. In this exploration of a fascinating cuisine and culture, Cordon Bleu chef Michael Swamy describes aspects of the traditions and culinary practices followed by the East Indians of Mumbai, who feats off a mélange of Portuguese and Maharashtrian customs. Swamy presents a variety of recipes from that rich and flavourful cuisine: from the essentials that are a must-have in an East Indian’s culinary range, to modified, experimental recipes inspired by that eclectic tradition.

Enriched with sketches by artists Eustace Fernandes and Philip Victor D’Mello, this cookbook not only captures the lifestyle of a people but chronicles, in detail, recipes from this excellent fusion cuisine that have till now been largely passed down orally through the generations.


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