The Crow Chronicles – Ranjit Lal


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The war of the crows& The corrupt though democratically elected avian government of the Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, is forcibly taken over by a monstrous white crow from Bombay and his crack force of commando `crownies’ by means of treachery, deceit and violence. A steel-taloned dictatorship is imposed on the park and all fundamental rights annulled. But the desperate hour produces unlikely heroes. There is Achaanak the shikra for one, Titiri, editor of Did He Do It?, Phutki the tailorbird and a host of other citizens, even Ghughuji, the great horned owl who is so given to preaching . . . Meanwhile, the evil leaders of the erstwhile government, notably Chakumar Billa the tomcat and Budhboo the bandicoot, plot their own return to power… What ensues is a bitter battle for supremacy in Ranjit Lal’s classic allegory of politics and governance.


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