So That Happened – Katie Bailey


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An emergency flight, unexpected layover, and one tiny hotel room…
What would you do if you had no choice but to share a room with a grumpy but handsome stranger? Obviously, embarrass yourself!
But at least you don’t have to see him again, right?

When Annie shows up for her new job, she’s shocked to find that the hot stranger is none other than her new boss, Liam.
And even worse, she’s stuck sharing an office with him!
But despite what did or didn’t happen between the two, Annie’s a professional and she’s got this. No matter how rude and difficult to work with Liam is, she’s determined not to repeat her past mistakes.
Liam has his life mapped out in spreadsheets and schedules. So who’s this messy-haired, loud, cheerful girl with an ocean-breeze scent and a pretty smile who makes him want to live again?
So That Happened is a laugh-out-loud funny, swoony romantic comedy that will make you feel all gushy and gooey inside.


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