Attack On The Rashtrapati Bhawan – Anish Behl


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They say, the past is the best guide to the future.
In an incredible turn of events, a group of passionate freedom fighters sow the seeds for a life-altering event that unfolds in the 21st century.
Present day, India: RAW, Military Intelligence, NIA and the Indian government are pitted against one of India’s most formidable opponents. But are the very people who are elected to protect us, now willing to betray the nation for their own gains?
With eighteen valuable RAW assets stuck in a hostile nation, it is up to Akram to do whatever it takes to bring his team back home. A group of patriots unite to defeat all those who mean to betray the nation and its people – even if it means going against their own. Risking their lives, these young heroes hatch an audacious plan to break into the Rashtrapati Bhawan. A long-forgotten structure beneath the Rashtrapati Bhawan can be the key to their plan.
Attack on the Rashtrapati Bhawan is a thrilling story of these young patriots giving their all to safeguard the nation against enemies both domestic and foreign.


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