Shivaji Mahasamrat Vol 1: The Whirlwind – Vishwas Patil (40% Discount)


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Even as Shahaji Bhosale and his clan served in the Mughal armies, under the Nizams of the Ahmednagar Sultanate and later the Adilshahs of Bijapur, they carried deep in their hearts the dream of ‘Swarajya’, an autonomous dominion for the Marathas. That aspiration begins to take shape as Shahaji’s son Shivaji unites the youth of the Maaval region under the banner of Hindvi Swarajya. The Shivaji Mahasamrat Series of novels is Vishwas Patil’s most ambitious work thus far. Few books on the establishment of the Maratha Empire have recreated so deftly the many durbars of seventeenth-century India, their political intrigues and war tactics, or revealed so much about the lives of Shivaji’s forebears—especially, Shahaji Bhosale, an extraordinary warrior in his own right, and Jijabai, who came from a family of dauntless fighters and was an astute stateswoman.
This first volume, a magnificent preamble to the rise of the formidable Maratha Empire, culminates in the bloody battle fought in the densely forested and uninhabitable mountains of Jawali in 1659, where Shivaji grinds the powerful Adilshahi general Afzal Khan and his massive Bijapur army into the dirt.
The result of over a decade’s research and keen craftsmanship, The Whirlwind is a sweeping saga of a young warrior king’s glorious journey towards independence.

About the Author

Vishwas Patil is one of the most acclaimed Marathi writers today. He has written iconic novels like Ranangan, Chandramukhi, Pangira, Zadazadati, Panipat and Sambhaji . He received the Nath Madhav Award and the Bhartiya Bhasha Parishad Award for Panipat; the Priyadarshini National Award, the Vikhe Patil Award and the Sahitya Akademi Award for Zhadazdati and the Gadkari Award for Mahanayak.


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