Radha – Neelima Dalmia Adhar (Hardcover)


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Night after night, I longed to hear the notes of his flute. To be held by him, dance with him, feel myself vaporise in his embrace …
Radha, the princess of Barsana, is married to Chote Mukhiya Ayan Gopa, head of the Gopa clan. But she is restless, for he is not the dark playmate of her dreams.
When she first cradles the infant Krishna, Radha can feel the surreal bond they share course through her veins. And as Krishna grows up, he reveals a similar and compelling longing for her. She knows that theirs is a relationship that has transcended many lifetimes. But that is not how Ayan Gopa sees it—to him, Radha is a vile adulteress who has destroyed the honour of the Gopa clan by giving herself to another man.
Radha finds herself facing the village panchayat, charged with an illicit and scandalous affair with a man thirteen years younger than her. But how can her love for Krishna, her blue-necked deity, be illicit?
In Radha: The Princess of Barsana, Neelima Dalmia Adhar tells the eternal love story of Radha and Krishna in all its glory. Complex and exhilarating, erotic and heartbreaking, there is no grander story than theirs.


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