Poems At Daybreak – Moumita Alam


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Moumita Alam’s beautiful, intimate and exquisitely layered poems scream and sing to us in these dark times. — Meena Kandasamy

Moumita Alam’s book of love poems is an excavation into the minds of two or several lovers and after her first book of intense political poems, this soothes us a bit. She describes her love poems as the ‘contours of two mad lovers ending their search for a home’ which is a heartening thought. But, where is this ‘home’ that she seeks? — Ra Sh (Ravi Shanker N)

Moumita’s poems traverse the length and breadth of longing for love and lust, interrogating entanglements with hegemonic patriarchy, searching for a true home in a ‘man’s world’ and laying bare the overall heartbreak of the human condition. — Ather Zia

Moumita Alam’s poems will take the readers to a dream island where the eternal infatuated and innocent love of Laila and Majnu reaches its peak where Laila and Majnu are the same. Her women-centric poems bring you down to earth where the patriarchal family system has become a war-torn genocide, particularly for women and children. — Hema Latha

Feel the poetic explosion of Moumita Alam’s expression. Any explosion is a consequence of incredible suppression that pervades history. Moumita, both as an individual and a representative of her community, in gender, religion, language, class and territoriality, has been undergoing that historical suppression. — N Venugopal

In Poems at Daybreak, Moumita Alam erases boundaries — of place, time, and social mores — over and over again. She also challenges gender binaries through her voice, which, while being distinctly feminine finds a charming fluidity to enter the lover’s heart regardless of its he/she pronouns. — Bhaswati Ghosh


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