Longing For Sun Longing For Rain – Geethanjali Rajan


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This book is a compilation of some of life’s moments, and as is the case in anyone’s life, the moments may be beautiful, aching, heart-wrenching, or just very ordinary, written over the last 20 years.  Writing about ordinary moments is what makes haiku special — one doesn’t have to write about earth-shattering happenings, an everyday morning stroll is inspiration enough.

Geethanjali Rajan’s knowledge of Japanese clearly gives her a vantage point in this project. But this is infused with a deep understanding and appreciation of the short forms and shot through it all are humility and innocence. — Sonam Chhoki

You travel everywhere in this book. And yet, all the time, you are deep within. A conversation with moments, emotions and all that is rustled up inside, flows into the meditative penmanship of Geethanjali Rajan’s longing for sun longing for rain.


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