No Guns At My son’s Funeral – Paro Anand


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Aftab, a young Kashmiri boy, leads a double life. By day, he is a normal, bubbly teenager whose prime concerns are cricket, family and friends. The night holds the secrets of the life of a child who sneaks away to confabulate with Akram and his fledgling group of tearaway terrorists. Akram—so handsome, so exciting. But what Aftab doesn’t realise—so dangerous. Aftab is in complete awe of Akram and is willing to follow him to the end of the earth. And Akram is more than willing to send him there. Though set against the militancy in Kashmir, this novel could belong anywhere in today’s world where violence

About the Author:

Paro Anand is the author of 18 books for children and young adults, including plays, short stories, novellas and novels. She is also published in several anthologies and has written extensively on children’s literature in the country. She headed the National Centre for Children’s Literature, The National Book Trust, India, the apex body for children’s literature in India. As a part of her work here, she set up libraries and Readers’ Clubs in rural India and conducted training programs on the use of literature.