Money & Its Smart Psychology – Deep Trivedi


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Money And Its Smart Psychology
A Masterpiece That Explains All Aspects of Money
Available in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati
Stop Chasing Money…Let Money Chase You!
What is the smart way to attract financial abundance?
How to manage money effectively and invest wisely?
How to avoid financial pitfalls and money traps?
How to outwit money at its own game?

Finding answers to these questions is essential not just for the sake of survival but also to thrive and flourish in today’s fast-paced world. And these answers can be found only after gaining an in-depth understanding of the psychology of money. In light of this, Deep Trivedi, the author of several bestsellers such as ‘I am The Mind’, ‘I am Gita’, ‘Everything is Psychology’, ‘I am Krishna’ (The Complete Psychological Biography of Krishna), has penned a much-awaited book titled ‘Money and its Smart Psychology’.

The author explains that earning money is not as difficult as it is commonly perceived. Earning the desired amount of money seems far-fetched only because one is ignorant of the right approach to earn money. This book teaches the right approach while also setting the mind to attract financial abundance. Additionally, the author throws light on the power of wise investments.
This book is a one-point solution for all money-related problems and is a masterpiece which explains all aspects of money through case studies in a simple language. It is a perfect guide to live a life of abundance without any financial stress in today’s dynamic world.


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