Manohar Kahani – Raghu Srinivasan


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Life is perfectly peaceful for the Mehtas. Kalyani Mehta’s homestay by the sea is a little garden of Eden where she, her retired occultist husband and feckless, unemployed son live happy, dysfunctional lives.

Enter snake.

Bobby Chander, a billionaire NRI, makes a bid for the property. Kalyani rebuffs his offer, but the sleazy real estate tycoon, refusing to back down, starts making life miserable for Kalyani. With her back to the wall, she reluctantly reaches out to her younger sister, who happens to be incarcerated, for help. Maya is a genie best left in the bottle. Her elaborate con attracts a host of devious characters, pursuing nefarious agendas of their own…

Manohar Kahani is a goofy misadventure with a heap of chaos and a pinch of crazy.


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