Jaya Flava : A celebration of food, flavour and recipes from Sri Lanka -Tasha Marikkar


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Sri Lanka is a vibrant multicultural universe — inhabited by a variety of people, from the Sinhalese, Tamils and Chetties to the Moors, Burghers, Veddas and Malays. The cuisine of this island nation is equally diverse.

Born and bred Sri Lankan, Tasha Marikkar has spent most of her life between Sri Lanka and the UK. Her family background is varied — her father is a Ceylon Moor and her mother is both Colombo Chetty and Sinhalese. She is often referred to as a real ‘achcharu’ — like the dish, a delicious mix of everything. Cooking since she was six, with an undying passion for food, Tasha spent the years 2020-2023 in the joyous labour of discovering, rediscovering and researching Sri Lankan recipes. This journey made her fall in love, again and again, with the glorious, intoxicating flavours of the region, coming from the vast variety of its indigenous yet very diverse origins.

Through this book, Tasha introduces the reader to this wonderful cuisine. A mouthwatering culinary tour of Sri Lanka, JayaFlava brings together the history and traditions, ingredients and spices, and their preparation and use. With clear step-by-step recipes, it guides the reader through the delightful process of creating a beautiful Sri Lankan meal.


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