Intimacy Undone: Marriage, Divorce And Family Law In India – Malavika Rajkotia


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A leading expert in Indian family law and one of India’s most successful divorce lawyers, Malavika Rajkotia has seen the drama of marriages coming undone at close quarters—the effects of infidelity, jealousy, domestic violence, property disputes and custody battles. In this important book, she draws upon her extensive experiences in court and with her clients, as well as on case law, to lay bare the mysteries of marriage, divorce and family law.

Intimacy Undone examines the institution of marriage in India, from its historical roots to its evolution towards the moral, social and legal position it holds today. It tackles subjects as diverse as the gender equations underpinning society, how current Indian property and family laws came into being, and the controversy about the Uniform Civil Code. Along the way, Rajkotia also brings alive the drama of the divorce courts, critiques the foibles of the institutions involved, and, throughout, furthers the aim of family law to bring about a more equal society.


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