In The Body Of A Woman – Aaliya Waziri


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From important contemporary issues like the changing landscape of marital rape laws to the inadequacy of the current cyberbullying laws, from historical milestones such as the women who helped draft the Indian constitution after Independence to examining religious laws and international obligations, Aaliya Waziri writes a deeply researched, informative and powerful book. Her attempt is to address the many questions that a lay person or even a lawyer might have about what lies at the intersection of law, gender and society.
In the Body of a Woman, with its focus on gender justice, pivots on the idea that feminism is contextual. There may not be any straightjacket formula to fix all the woes of women but we can start by strengthening our institutional responses and not treat half the country’s population as second class citizens.
Occasionally acerbic yet deeply compassionate, hopeful yet sometimes despairing, Waziri doesn’t pull her punches in these essays where she looks clinically at the judicial system but in her own unique, empathetic way that makes this book an engaging read for—it must be stressed—men and women who are interested in probing the intersection of law and gender.


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