How To Listen When Markets Speak – Lawrence G. McDonald


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A New York Times bestselling author and leading expert on market risk argues that seismic shifts in the global economy will trigger a multi-trillion-dollar migration of wealth, tracing the fateful decisions that created this crisis—and outlines new rules of investing for the forward-thinking.

From Wall Street to the White House, the fantasy of an eventual “return to normal” is still alive and well. But an unprecedented era of easy money—nurtured by disastrous policy decisions and artificial disinflationary forces—is coming to a screeching halt. We’re about to witness a new era defined by sustained inflation, a series of sovereign and corporate debt crises, and a historic multitrillion-dollar migration of wealth.
Few are prepared.

Lawrence G. McDonald, founder of the economic research platform The Bear Traps Report, got a real-world education in market risk when, as a Lehman Brothers VP, he watched the firm ignore flashing warning signs before its collapse. His analysis formed the basis of his explosive exposé A Colossal Failure of Common Sense and ultimately led him to identify twenty-one indicators for gauging the health of an economy and detecting early signals of opportunity and danger.

In How to Listen When Markets Speak, McDonald not only traces the fateful events that led to our current crisis but also unveils his unique predictive models, outlining counterintuitive investing strategies for the years ahead. Readers will learn

• how the growing demand for oil, coal, precious metals, and rare minerals; underinvestment in urgently needed energy infrastructure; and cozy Russia–Saudi Arabia relations will trigger the next bull market for commodities
• why America will likely weaken its position as holder of the world’s premier reserve currency,  and how that should affect your portfolio
• why hard assets and value stocks will outperform growth stocks, U.S. Treasuries, and overcrowded passive investment strategies

Rather than merely doomsaying, McDonald equips readers to resist reactionary narratives, stay a beat ahead of the crowds, and preserve their wealth in turbulent times.
When markets speak, it pays to listen.


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