Gardens of Delhi – Swapna Liddle & Madhulika Liddle


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Delhi is often called a ‘garden city’, a reference both to its relatively high green cover and to its many public gardens. Some of these gardens have a long and interesting history, going back several centuries. Others are relatively new but still significant, be it for their design and variety of plants, or for the events behind their establishment. All contribute to the character of Delhi, and serve as important public spaces—as a refuge from the strain of urban living for citizens, and must-see attractions for visitors.


This book is about some of Delhi’s many gardens, introducing the readers to their histories, flora, and fauna. In the process it also takes a long view of how the city, and particularly its green cover, has developed; and some of the problems and challenges of maintaining that green cover in the face of growing urban density.


Packed with historical tidbits and beautiful photographs, Gardens of Delhi is a memorable read and visual treat for lovers of green spaces, and readers with an interest in the city of Delhi.


About the Authors: Swapna Liddle has written several books on the history of Delhi. She has volunteered for many years with the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), to draw attention to the need to preserve the city’s historic sites.


Madhulika Liddle is a novelist and award-winning short story writer, best known as a writer of historical fiction. Madhulika is a keen amateur naturalist, especially interested in trees and birds. She lives in Noida, India.


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