Crumbs! Bread Stories And Recipes For The Indian Kitchen – Saee Koranne-Khandekar


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There’s something undeniably pleasurable about tearing into a soft, hot naan or biting into the light puffiness of a freshly baked brioche, but have you ever thought how wonderful it might be to make them yourself? In Crumbs! Saee Koranne-Khandekar recounts her journey of becoming a bread-maker (initial blunders notwithstanding), and hand-holds the average yeast-fearing, dough-despairing home cook through the deliciously satisfying experience of literally putting bread on their tables.

Bite into this book for:
• the complete lowdown on the behaviour of yeast, varieties of Indian flours and their gluten strengths;
• thorough guidance on techniques – from kneading and shaping to proofing and baking;
• step-by-step recipes for making a variety of breads and accompaniments;
• fascinating stories about the history of bread and some of the oldest, most popular bakeries across the country.

Illustrated with stunning photographs, this sumptuous book is a delightful introduction to the art of making bread.

About the Author

Saee Koranne-Khandekar studied bakery and confectionery as a vocational subject in her pre-university days but went on to do her masters in English literature. She then worked in several roles, ranging from editor to instructional designer and brand manager in an e-learning business, while still insisting on baking cakes and the occasional loaf of bread for family birthdays and special occasions. Following a maternity break that changed her course back to food, she is now a food writer and consultant. When she is not playing harrowed mum to her three children, she keeps busy conducting food experiments in her head or in her kitchen. Her primary interests include the study of breads – reviving traditional recipes, finding Indian alternatives to classic and contemporary baking – as well as photography and writing fiction. Saee also runs a YouTube food channel and blogs at her mixed bag,


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