Broken Man – Loknath Yashwant


Translated into English by Dr. K Jamanadas & Yogesh Maitreya

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“Broken Man” is a collection of seminal poems by noted Marathi dalit poet Loknath Yashwant, who is also a Sahitya Akademi Winner. Me and Dr K Jamanadas have translated these poems in English.

Loknath Yashwant is a renowned and celebrated poet in Marathi language today. He has published four poetry collections, all of which are highly witty and political, and have caught the nerves and attention of readers. His poems have been translated in Hindi and other languages. The Hindi translation of his poetry collection Elaan, has received Maharashtra states’s Sahitya Academy Award. His poems have been adopted into five plays and two short movies.

Dr. K Jamanadas was born on September 28, 1932 in Vidarbha’s Chandrapur district. He was a medical doctor by profession. He studied in England from 1960 to 1965, and later travelled to many countries. He is the author of Tirupati Balaji Was A Buddhist Shrine, a book published in 1991 and has a rare distinction of being accommodated in the Library of Congress, USA.

Yogesh Maitreya is a poet, translator and writer. He is publisher at Panther’s Paw Publication.