Boundaries, Priorities, and Finding Work- Life Balance


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Say no to a culture of constant work.

We often equate our productivity with the number of hours we spend working. But do we really need to work endlessly, through weekends and during vacations, to be seen as stars? To find a healthy balance between our personal and professional lives, we need to make space for ourselves, define what we value most, and set goals that take those values into account.

Boundaries, Priorities, and Finding Work-Life Balance is filled with practical advice from HBR experts who can help you answer questions like:

  • How do I set clear boundaries around my work life and my personal life?
  • How can I pursue my passions while making time for my job?
  • What are the signs of burnout and how do I conserve my energy?
  • What steps can I take to protect my mental health at work?


You’ll spend a significant part of your life working. This book will help you define what you need to feel balanced and fulfilled, on or off the clock.

Rise faster with quick reads, real-life stories, and expert advice. The HBR Work Smart Series features the topics that matter to you most in your early career, including being yourself at work, collaborating with (sometimes difficult) colleagues and bosses, managing your mental health, and weighing major job decisions. Each title includes chapter recaps and links to video, audio, and more. The HBR Work Smart Series books are your practical guides to stepping into your professional life and moving forward with confidence.


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