A Question of Technology : Who invented inventing ? and other questions about inventions – Clive Gifford


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Uncover the mysteries of invention in this funny technology series

How did a bird invent a train? Was the can opener REALLY invented fifty years after the can? And did any famous inventions happen by sheer accident? Find out the answers to these questions and much more in this book!

With an engaging question and answer format, this series draws young readers into the fascinating world of technology. Each spread opens with a simple, quirky question, opening up an exploration of technology and busting some popular myths along the way!

The lively lay-out is supported by annotated photos and cartoons, making technology fun and accessible for every young reader.

What is an invention?/Who invented inventing?/ How do inventors invent?/Do inventors make squillions?/What was the great telephone race?/Who invented the concrete sofa?/Where are all the female inventors?/
Were can openers really invented 50 years after cans?/Are inventions ever recycled?/How can a vest stop speeding bullets?/How did a bird inspire a train?/Do inventions ever occur by accident?/Quick-fire questions


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