A Clown For Tenali Rama – Subhadra Sen Gupta


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Basava and Sivakka are two ordinary children growing up in the village of Hampi in Karnataka. One day, Basava finds a set of sculpting hammer and chisel, and as he starts carving with them, the magical instruments take them right back in time to the Hampi of the sixteenth century, when it was ruled by the great Krishnadeva Raya! Here they make friends and are plunged into a world of scheming dancers, talented artists, powerful emperors who live in fabulous palaces and more. And when Basava becomes an apprentice sculptor, he is commissioned by the legendary Tenali Rama himself to create something in stone that will make him laugh! Subhadra Sen Gupta can make history come alive like no one else. This page turning adventure story is not only exciting, but is also filled with the wonder that was once the magnificent Vijayanagar Kingdom


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