100 Great Chronicles Of Indian History: From Cave Paintings to the Constitution – Gayathri Ponavannan


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A signboard from the most advanced

civilization in the ancient world.

The lost notebooks of a mathematical genius.

A line on a map that divided a country into two.

Read about these and 97 other amazing documents – from stone inscriptions, palm-leaf and papyrus manuscripts, clay tablets and copper plate engravings to patents, posters, letters, journals, maps and much, much more – that will take you on an extraordinary tour of India’s fascinating past.

Dip into an adventurer’s diary to find out what it was like to spend a day at the Mughal court. Refer to a centuries-old guidebook for stage performance tips. Marvel at the exquisite illustrations adorning the pages of a conqueror’s scrapbook. These invaluable relics offer rare glimpses and insights into events that shaped the course of India’s kaleidoscopic journey, uncovering little-known details, colourful stories and a collage of cultures.

Deeply researched, engagingly written and thoroughly engrossing, this is one history book you will not want to put down!


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