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Scotland Single Malt tour by Black Swan Journeys

Walk your Pagdandi – Travel

We have always counted travel as one of our first loves. Picking up our backpack and travelling is something we always look forward to. Those who know our story know it is the reason how we met and came to be together. Pagdandi took birth as result of this shared love for books, travel, conversations and the camaraderie we experienced with everyone we met while on the road.

Books and Travel. Like Sugar and Water. For us, no trip is complete without a few books to read. It could be just a simple guide or an evocative story set in our destination. Books offer a peek into the soul of a place and tell you stories that no amount of sightseeing will ever tell.

Until know we only associated Pagdandi with travel in a metaphorical sense. However, from the day we started we had a deep desire for Pagdandi to exist in the travel world literally as well. We collaborate and share in everything we do, naturally we wanted to find the right partners to collaborate in this as well.

So here we are. Our first partnership with Black Swan Journeys, experts in tailoring experiential trips, working together to offer you an enhanced travel experience. You can have your trip completely customized for your needs or choose one of Black Swan’s existing fixed departure tours. Both will make you eligible for FREE books custom selected and obtained by Pagdandi for your journey.

For Pagdandi: Vishal +91-9890992470
For Black Swan: Namrata +91-8975632092

Wishing you a beautiful journey on your ‘Pagdandi’,
With Love,
Neha and Vishal
Vishal’s 2 year solo backpacking trip across India:
Neha’s lessons of Yoga picked up from Ashrams and Schools across the country:


One of the fixed departure trips by Black Swan is their ‘Single Malt Safari’, an expert-led Whisky tour through some Scotland’s finest Distilleries. Books this tour using the code ‘Pagdandi’ and you will get the following 2 books as free gifts:

1) The Whiskies of Scotland: Encounters of a Connoisseur by Michael Jackson
2) Choose between Lonely Planet guide to Scotland or The Penguin Book of Scottish Short Stories.

Call Namrata +91-8975632092

Scotland Single Malt tour by Black Swan Journeys
Scotland Single Malt tour by Black Swan Journeys