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Hello World,

Pagdandi is about to be born.

It was conceived as an idea by me and my wife Neha about a year ago. We wanted a place where we could settle into a cozy nook, masala chai in hand and read our favorite authors whole day long. Pagdandi is an endeavor in that direction. A place you can relax, chill out and interact with new like minded people. A space where the moment you enter, you feel happy. An adda for creative collaborators. We also wish to encourage conscious living

Neha had already quit her corporate media job and I did so early this year to start this adventure. That is how Pagdandi came to be. An alternate ‘kaccha’ trail. The road less traveled. Something like our lives.

We will reveal more details as days pass. Suffice to say the work is on full swing. Here is a sneak peak at behind the scenes construction.

DSC00402 DSC00398 DSC00392 DSC00381 DSC00361 DSC00357

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  1. Namrata Bansal

    I am really fond of books and masala chai as well,so after reading your post was thrilled that somebody is taking a step towards that dream place which I would have loved to visit and own someday…so yes , I wish you all the best and the road to Pagdandi will lead you to success.

    1. Vishal Pipraiya

      thank you!

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