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Colour Me Yellow

Hello World, We are back with another post. As the shop is nearing completion, the nervous jitters are starting to creep in. Lot of things yet to be finalized, including the logo, furnishings, cutlery and menu. Machine order has been put in and we are […]


We had a small hiccup in the workflow. In retrospect we had installed an exceedingly small sink which might have been very impractical from future use point of view. We grappled with the decision to replace it which meant full replacement of the granite slab. […]

Work is on

Hello World, Pagdandi is about to be born. It was conceived as an idea by me and my wife Neha about a year ago. We wanted a place where we could settle into a cozy nook, masala chai in hand and read our favorite authors […]

Hello world!

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