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Vegan options at Pagdandi in Pune Mirror

Vegan options at Pagdandi in Pune Mirror

We are in Pune Mirror today Page 19. For offering a ‪#‎vegan‬ ‪#‎soymilk‬ option in all our milk based beverages. Featured in the photograph is our Khus Milkshake.

Ecofriendly Ganesh Idol

Ecofriendly Ganesh Idol

Ecofriendly Ganesh Idols and accessories by Ecoexist are now available for booking at Pagdandi. You can book your choice of idol by paying 50% amount advance at Pagdandi or transferring the same via NEFT. Please email Vishal at c o n t a c t u s […]

Walk your Pagdandi – Travel

Walk your Pagdandi – Travel

We have always counted travel as one of our first loves. Picking up our backpack and travelling is something we always look forward to. Those who know our story know it is the reason how we met and came to be together. Pagdandi took birth as result of […]

Yourstory Feature

Our founders Neha and Vishal have been featured in Yourstory. Situated inside an idyllic mall on Pune’s Baner Pashan Link Road is Pagdandi. It is an inviting place with a modest yet charming décor heavily featuring bamboo. The first things you notice on enteringareprobably the […]

Pagdandi Featured in India Today

We are featured in the Pune edition of ‘India today’ this month of April 2015. Thank you so much for helping us reach here :).  We are humbled and motivated to work harder for making Pagdandi a place meant for people who have decided to take […]

Alif recorded a live track at Pagdandi

The Pune based Sufi Ethnic Rock Band ‘Alif’, previously known as ‘Highway 61’, recorded a live track at Pagdandi as part of their ‘Story a Song’ project. Check out the video below:  

Musicians jam at Pagdandi

Genesis. The birth of something new. Creation. How awesome it is to see something come to life in front of your eyes. Watch this beautifully haunting‪ Scottish melody in progress. ‪Hit Like and Subscribe to our Youtube Channel as well. No funny corny incitements for you to […]

Tabla, Guitar & Djembe Jam

Impromptu Music Jam session featuring Tabla, Guitar & Djembe.

Newsletter 30.01.15

Dear Friends, Greetings from Pagdandi. This time our newsletter contains information regarding new books for sale, Pune Urban Village Unconference – a wonderful community event and the much awaited natural Holi colours. Ananconda in my Backyard and other stories by Bina Thomas Available for Sale […]

Pagdandi in Pune Mirror

Pagdandi is in Pune Mirror today, Page 22. Featuring everyone’s favorite Adrak Chai, Hot Milk with Kakvi and Charity Chai. Thank you Shweta Kapur for featuring us, Nikhil Ghorpade for taking the photographs and all our Fans for their love and support! Check it out.

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