Yoyo-nama – Gouri Dange


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Yoyo-nama: Like the Babur-nama, the Akbar-nama, the Shah-nama, this is a chronicle of the life and times, the 14-year reign, of a terrier named Yoyo, no less a Mughal in his own way. Starting out on an uncertain unwanted note, Yoyo found his real home, and quickly established himself as the quirky, sometimes charming, sometimes exasperating head of this household. His sparklingly unpredictable personality, paradoxically, brought purpose and focus into his owner’s Thenua-floundering life. Yoyo’s story is told, like a vakkra raga, in a looping narrative that is not rigidly sequential. The reader will encounter here, Yoyo, his many shenanigans, and his legion of minions, fans and victims. From the time he trickled into the owner’s life, to the time that he exited, taking away with him some of the delicious madness that he rained on us all, is an era in itself.
This book, like Yoyo himself, packs a large colourful chronicle in just a little space.