Young Indian Innovators, Entrepreneurs And Change Makers – Rupangi Sharma


Illustrations by Adrija Ghosh.

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the teen whose tech company got a $75 million funding
the boy who created the world’s smallest satellite
the nine-year-old who set up her own software firm
the girl who started a social initiative to impart life skills through sports
And many more!

These are the inspiring stories of India’s future generations-innovative thinkers, dreamers and tinkerers-who have created amazing solutions to real-life problems. Aged seven to twenty-one, these youngsters are effecting change from far-flung rural villages, small towns and urban cities. There’s no stopping these kids!

Motivated by their passions and the everyday problems they witnessed around them, these wunderkinds have succeeded in making a social impact. Their stories promise a young India, full of pioneers wowing the world with their prowess in technology, innovation and social change.


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