Yodha : Illustrated Military History of India , The Epics (BCE) to The Uprising (1857) – Shiv Kunal Verma


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The military history of Bharat is as panoramic and vast as the Indian subcontinent in which it is rooted. It is epic—literally and figuratively—as the Ramayan and the Mahabharat unveil. It is magnificent, heroic, and heart-wrenching. Above all, it has transformed India’s rise into a formidable world power.

Few books have attempted to embrace this panorama between their covers, none visually. Yodha: Illustrated Military History of India is the first work to bring this rich military history alive through over 1,600 stunning illustrations, paintings, and photographs.

Painstakingly written and put together by the eminent military historian Shiv Kunal Verma, this book covers the period from The Epics (BCE) to The Uprising (1857). This masterly work deserves a place on every bookshelf—that of the student or teacher, soldier or civilian, fauji enthusiast or academic researcher.


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